Chief Executive Officer of UCY business services & trading GmbH is Thilo Schneider:

Thilo studied economics and management at Essen university. He joint several exchange programmes for example with Bocconi in Milan, Italy. He specialized in organisation and planning / leadership and in finance and banks / capital markets. During his studied he basically worked as a consultant. He also was spokesman of Rolls-Royce Motorcars Ltd.

After his studied Thilo worked as a lecturer at Nishnij Nowgorod / Russia and as a consultant of Toll Collect, the German automated toll-billing-system. In consequence of that Thilo aquired a contract with the Federal Republic of Germany for the launch of Toll Collect and employed 1,300 employees in a project development company he found. Thilo was very in demand afterwards as a speaker and consultant and the same time was responsible for various projects he did for Deutsche Post AG and Deutsche Telekom AG. He also became Chief Executive Officer of General Trust GmbH. In this position he was part of large M&A-project such as the demerger of Lanxess of the Bayer AG. For Citigroup Thilo worked out a concept for middle-sized companies.

Since 2005 Thilo basically deals with M&A, trading of energy and currencies, but also with investments into large projects, real estate and companies of various kinds.

Thilo is member of various political organisation and regularly joins German top politicians on their visitation abroad. Thilo is also member of the committee of European politics of the German chamber of commerce and represents the interest of the German industy at the European union in Brussels. He has the reputation to act diplomatic, but avow for his interests.