Location: Prishtina, capital of Kossovo, Lakrishte Skyscraper District

Land area: 3,775 m

Total built-up area above ground: 30,462 m, of which

  •          10,573 m shopping area (ground floor+floors 1-4)

  •            9,364 m administrative/office area (floors  5-9 and 5-12 of each of the two towers)

  •          10,525 m residential/hotel area (floors 10-22 and 13-21)

There will be also 3 underground floors for parking space with a total area of 8,691 m2.

I would be thankful if you could arrange meetings with potential investors. Some commercial information abt. the project:

  •          The price of the finished project is estimated at 35 mln. EUR

  •          This will be the first commercial centre of this scale in Prishtina

  •          The current sales price of office area in Prishtina is 3,000 EUR/m2

  •          This will be the Skyscraper District of Prishtina with a couple of several-hundred-milion-EUR-projects already going on.

We have the complete documentation for the project, along with all the necessary licenses from the municipality and are ready to present them to the potential interested parties.

Please look at this info and if you need anything additionally dont hesitate to contact us.